What's In Your RSS Reader?

By glblguy

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Over in the MBN forums, GettingGreen posted a thread asking all of the personal finance bloggers what pf blogs they read. I posted my list, but then I thought you might be interested as well. So, here’s the list of the persoanl finance blogs I currently have in my Google Reader. I’ll try to keep this updated as I change it.
If you aren’t familiar with RSS, please read my article What is RSS and How Do I Read It?.

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Here’s the list:

M-Network Blogs:

Plonkee Money
Financial Dominance
I’ve Paid Twice For This Already
Being Frugal
Christian Finance
Single Guy Money
The Dough Roller
Saving Explained

A Penny Closer
Advanced Personal Finance
Blogging Away Debt
brip brap
Christian Finance Blog
Clever Dude Personal Finance & Money
Consumerism Commentary
Crazy Money
Debt Free Indeed
Free Money Finance
Get Rich Slowly
Hustler $$$ Blog
Journey To Financial Freedom
Lazy Man and Money
Money and Such
Money Smart Life
Money, Matter, and More Musings
No Credit Needed
One Million and Beyond
Personal Finance Blog by Money Ning
Punny Money
Sharing My Two Cents…
The Digerati Life
The In-Debt Net
The Simple Dollar
Watch My Money Maker
Working For Financial Freedom

What’s in your RSS reader? Do you use RSS? If not, why not?

16 Responses (including trackbacks) to “What's In Your RSS Reader?”

  1. Flexo Says:

    Thanks for including Consumerism Commentary in your list.

  2. glblguy Says:

    You’re welcome Flexo!

  3. Randy Peterman Says:

    You’ve got a few I don’t have (but will now be adding) and I’ve got the following that you don’t have:
    Binary Dollar

    Generation X Finance
    Grad Money Matters
    Life Long Dollar
    Money Socket
    We’re in Debt

  4. Randy Peterman Says:

    Oh, and in Google Reader you can export your whole PF RSS list as an OPML file that I can import into my account… if you want to post it.

  5. Pinyo Says:

    Thanks glblguy! I have you in my reader too ;-)

  6. Eric Says:

    Thanks for including us glblguy. We’ve got GLBL in our Google readers too. And I found a couple of blogs in your list that I hadn’t noticed before…

  7. glblguy Says:

    @Randy – Actually, that is how I built this post. I’ll upload the file tomorrow and add a link. Great suggestion!

    @Pinyo – Thanks Pinyo…you better ;-)

    @Eric – Glad I’m there! Glad you found a few new blogs. I always enjoy seeing what others read and it’s one of the best ways to find new and interesting blogs!

    Have to give credit where credit is due…I first saw CleverDude do this and thought it was a great idea. You can see his list here. He has a great list of blogs. Of course I am pretty partial to GLBL :-)

  8. justin Says:

    I use thunderbird to read my RSS feeds. However, I may move to Google Reader.

    I read a whole bunch of stuff, tech, PF, etc.

  9. glblguy Says:

    Justin I do as well. I read a bunch of stuff. Oh, and have been listening to the D&D podcast too! Thanks!!

  10. KMC Says:

    Thanks for including me!

  11. glblguy Says:

    Sure thing KMC!

  12. The Digerati Life Says:

    Thanks for including me on this list! I have you in my reader too!

  13. glblguy Says:

    Hi SVB, you’re welcome and honored to be in yours!

  14. Christian Finance Says:

    Thanks for including me!