Carnivals for the week of 8/10

By glblguy

The Carnival of Personal Finance #117 was hosted yesterday over at KMull. My article Personal Finance is like Driving a Car was featured as a “solid article” (Thanks Kevin!).

The 25th Carnival of  Money Stories was hosted by the Tight Fisted Miser and included my article Does Good Customer Service Still Exist?

Also this week, the Festival of Frugality #91 was hosted by Stop the Ride!  My article
Money Saving Monday Tip #8 – Buy Items At the Right Time was included in the Frugal Household section. This article is part my weekly Money Saving Monday series.

Please make sure you check out each of the carnivals and read over all of the great articles from both M-Network members and other personal finance bloggers!

My personal thanks to each of the hosts!

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