Opps! Partial RSS Feed Returned to Full Feed

By glblguy

I implemented a new plugin this morning to show post summaries on my main page. I did this to keep it from being so long and allow new visitors to see more of my content on the main page.

What I didn’t realize was that this same plugin made my RSS Feed a partial feed. I am not an advocate of partial feeds, and my sincere apologies to those of you that may have seen this. Just hope none of you unsubscribed as a result…if you did, hopefully you’ll forgive me.

The plugin has been turned off and I’ll be looking at other options that won’t impact my RSS feed.

A lesson to you fellow bloggers though, always check your own RSS feeds!

2 Responses (including trackbacks) to “Opps! Partial RSS Feed Returned to Full Feed”

  1. Clever Dude Says:

    Hey, if you find something that works, shoot me an email.

  2. glblguy Says:

    Hey Clever Dude:

    I got it working. I ssed a plugin called Post Teaser and followed the instructions in this article.

    The combination seems to work great!