Garage/Yard Sale Update

By glblguy

We were up early on Saturday morning to begin getting things out of the garage and in the drive-way for our garage/yard sale (funny, I never really know what to call them, garage sale or yard sale). Our sale started at 7:00am. I opened the garage door at 6:30am to begin setting stuff out, and people were already waiting. I was selling items before I could even get them out of the garage!

We sold a number of the items we purchased at the auction we attended a few weeks ago. The love seat I purchased for $1 sold for $5, and we sold a number of the miscellaneous dishes and glass items be bought for a $1 for far more than $1.

We stayed open until noon, and  the few remaining items were loaded into the SUV and taken to Goodwill. We had quit a day, met a lot of great folks and made more than $600 to pay against our Chase card !!! We’re getting real close to having it paid off!

For those of you visiting yard sales, I have a few requests from us sellers:

  • Don’t park on our lawns.
  • Walk up our driveways and not through our natural areas and front yards
  • Leave your cigarettes (or other smokable items) in your car. Remember, we may not smoke (yes I know this is may be shocking to you, but it’s true).
  • If you do decide to be self-centered and share your smoke with the rest of us, please don’t throw your cigarette butts in our driveways where our young children can pick them up later and play with them.
  • Bring small bills. It’s really tough to make change for a $50 or $100 bill at 7:30am
  • Don’t get mad at us when we won’t accept your offer of $1.00 for an item that is marked $10
  • Please don’t steal our stuff, I mean come on, it’s a yard sale how low can you get?


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