Finally #1 in Technorati!

By glblguy

Number 1 in Technorati

Finally, after weeks of trying, GLBL has been ranked #1 by Technorati. I knew I had been working hard on this blog, but to be number 1 in such a short time is just amazing. I’d like to thank the following people…

* beep beep beep beep *

The glblguy wakes up and looks around, it was only a dream, stupid alarm clock! Ok, so GLBL isn’t number 1 in Technorati but more like 200,000+ or something like that. It would seem Technorati has some sort of glitch that is showing all blogs as #1. Seems they also have a little problem with the description as well, it’s all scrambled.

Anyway, if you are a blogger, hurry over and grab a screenshot and dream a little!

If you are a reader, just pretend I am really number 1 on Technorati ;-)

4 Responses (including trackbacks) to “Finally #1 in Technorati!”

  1. Armand Says:

    HA HA! Seeing my blog no.1 on Technorati was my biggest achievement in blogging. :D Too bad it didn’t last.

    Looking forward to see other similar glitches. Maybe one that will give people +10.000 diggs. :)

  2. glblguy Says:

    Hi Armand, thanks for stopping by. I agree on the “too bad it didn’t last”! Love your blog, just added you to my reader.

  3. Mark Says:

    GLBL guy and Armand:
    Yeah, I remember a few days or so ago when I was checking my Technorati standings. I could hardly believe my No. 1 rating! My jaw dropped to the ground, then I realized it was only a glitch.

    I like both of your blogs, and I have just added them to my reader! I could learn a lot from BOTH your fine blogs!


  4. glblguy Says:

    Hi Mark, thanks for the visit. Been reading your blog for a while and have learned a lot, so not sure who is learning from who ;-)