Proverbs 13:11 – Gather Little By Little

By glblguy

open_bible.jpgAs you may or may not have read on the About Us page, my family is going through some severe trials and tribulations. During this time, I decided to do three main things:

  1. Get control of my finances and manage them as God wants us to
  2. Read the bible cover to cover, something I have never done.
  3. Share what I have learned

Proverbs and Psalms are two of my favorite books of the Bible. Proverbs contains an enormous amount of wisdom (hey it should, after all Solomon did pray for Wisdom and God gave it to him).

While struggling and praying about our finances one night I came across Proverbs 13:11 (NIV):

Dishonest money dwindles away,
but he who gathers money little by little makes it grow.

Thus began my quest to take control of my finances, begin my quest for learning every bit of financial advice provided in the bible, and begin my path to no longer being Slave to the Lender and growing wealth a little at a time. This blog is to share what I have learned with you, the reader.

I hope you get as much out of this blog as I do, here goes and welcome to our journey!

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