My Magazine Reading List

By glblguy


In addition to books, I enjoy reading a few magazines as well. I don’t subscribe to a lot, as I find there are very few quality magazines. I also tend to prefer spending my team reading books and online blogs. Here are the few magazines I read cover to cover each month and get a lot of value add and enjoyment from reading:

Money – In my opinion the best all around personal finance magazine available. The articles are varied and they always have great feature stories that I always enjoy reading.

Smart Money – Another good finance magazine. Smart Money isn’t focused on personal finance and is a little more geared towards overall finance. They seem to focus more on investing and stock than general money management. Still a great read and a magazine I look forward to getting each month.

Consumer Reports – I am a fairly new subscriber to Consumer Reports, but have found the issues I have received to be of great value. The other very comprehensive product reviews, information on recent recalls, long term testing, and rate best buy products. Consumer Reports is my source for getting the best product for the money.

Trailer Life – We enjoy RV camping, and Trailer Life is the best magazine for trailer RV camping. They have insightful reviews of new camper models and tow vehicles, along with product reviews tech help, and industry news. I love their feature articles of great places to visit. I highly recommend if you are into RV camping or even thinking about it.

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