Happy Fourth of July!

By glblguy

I hope everyone is enjoying their day off, getting some well deserved R&R, and maybe even going to see some fireworks this evening!

As we celebrate this 4th of July and our freedom, I ask that we all pray for our soldiersfireworks.jpg around the world fighting for our freedom. Whether you agree with the war or not, we need to support and pray for the fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters fighting for the very thing that makes America, America…Freedom.

So what does all of this have to do with personal finance? Well, nothing and everything. Nothing in that this really isn’t a PF article, but just the glblguy wishing you a happy fourth!

Everything in that freedom enables us in many ways to grow financially. We can work where we want, invest our money how we would like, work for others, start our own business, develop and market our own products…well you get the idea. These are things that we can do easily here in America, the land of opportunity. Freedom enables all of these things.

Enjoy your fourth, and don’t forget the impact freedom has on your life everyday!

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